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Leaching Services:

Many soils, water, and rocks may contain micron or nano gold, silver, or platinum (PGM). These minerals may be a complex type ore deposit that a fire assay may not detect. By using old and new methods we can now find and extract these metals out of the soil, water, and rock.

With gold and platinum metals selling for over $1,900.00 ounce, it's now very possible to mine these soils or ore bodies.

All we need is a 5 lb. sample of your material ($450.00 per 5 lb. sample). In return, you will be mailed the five pound sample in a mixed bar and emailed the assay (XRF Fisher Scope) report. In most cases, we are able to have this all done in about 72 hours.

We also do micro recovery and collecting precious metals particles by using gravity and no chemicals. We also do consulting.  

Many have sent soil and ore samples to us, just like in the pictures above, and are now able to mine their own property. This is the rea​son for having your soil, water, and rock tested for its true value content. We at D'Log Mineral can do this for you at a minimal cost.

People have been walking over this type of soil, and ore bodies for years, and never knew it had gold or platinum in it. This goes to show you just never know what will be in the soil!

If you do nothing, then you will get nothing. So give it a try and send us your soil, rock, and ore samples to test. Who knows, it could be better than these samples!

Gold in quartz

This is a picture of gold you can see, but what about the gold you can not see?

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